With over 30,000 registered experts listed on its platform, Presto Experts makes the process of accessing professional services simpler. There are over 600 categories listed on the website with expert advice and tutoring covering a variety of different sectors. These sectors include professional online counseling services, as well as healthcare, coaching, legal, technology and business. 

The professionals listed on the website are known as ‘Presto Experts’ and are fully qualified and certified in their respective fields. Their credentials are thoroughly checked by the Presto Experts team to keep anyone accessing services through the platform safe. This also helps to maintain the high standards of service and professionalism that the platform holds itself accountable. 

What Makes Presto Experts Special? 

If you’re looking for online counseling services, you’ll know how important it is to find the ‘right’ one. That doesn’t just mean finding a counselor that offers excellent value for money with a fee that fits within your budget; it means finding a counselor that can accommodate your way of communicating and make you feel comfortable. 

Presto Experts lists its professional counselors with a rating out of five stars, their fee per minute, and their available methods of contact. The five-star ratings are determined by user reviews, so it’s assuring to know that you can browse a platform of counselors and read about the quality of the services they’ve offered to other people. Many of them are flexible and can be contacted by mobile phone or via online chat, making it easy to find a professional that suits your preferred method of communication. 

The Presto Experts that specialize in counseling offer a variety of different services, providing support for everything from addictions and eating disorders to personality and emotional disorders. The site even hosts specialist religious counseling through professionals that are Certified Ordained Ministers. 

Every contact that’s listed on the Presto Experts platform has a unique profile, providing you with a detailed insight into their services and professional history. These personal profiles contain a list of accreditations; specific areas of expertise; other relevant information such as media appearances and previous job roles, and their fees. These are usually per-minute for phone calls and chat sessions and there’s a separate fee for irregular email support. 

It’s useful knowing which types of psychotherapy the counselors specialize in. Many websites only offer a specific approach, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), a type of talking therapy that helps you manage thoughts and emotions by altering the way you think. As well as providing CBT, the counselors on Presto Experts can also provide dialectic behavioral therapy (DBT), humanistic therapies, psychoanalytic therapy and even less-common types of treatment such as motivation enhancement therapy (MET), regression therapy, Christian therapy and solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT). 

Plans and Pricing 

As the plans, services, and prices are unique to each individual counselor – and ultimately, you, as you often choose how you wish to work with them – there’s no set structure. That said, the format of which prices and services are offered is the same across every professional listed on the website. The platform also has an incredibly useful filter tool, allowing you to search for professional counselors in preference of their five-star rating, affordability and whether they’re available online and on the phone. 

While many of the counselors listed on the website are flexible and will work around the specific requirements of each individual, they’re not all available for phone or instant messaging sessions. 

We’ve carried out an extensive search on the website so we can provide you with a comprehensive list of pricing. Some of the cheapest professionals on the website offer fees from as low as $1 per minute for phone calls and instant chat services. Despite their low cost, the cheapest counselors still hold favorable reviews – no lower than four stars. The most expensive counselor we found on the website is a licensed clinical social worker and a fully licensed psychotherapist offering his services for $4.99 a minute. 

As many of the services are listed at a rate set per-minute, this means you can decide how long you want your sessions to last for. Many of the counselors don’t have a high-minimum call fee either, so you can literally have your online therapy last for just ten minutes if you prefer shorter sessions.


Though Presto Experts lists professionals covering more than just online counseling, it still does an impressive job of catering to the needs of those seeking online therapy services. Sure, the number of counselors listed on its website may pale in comparison to listing platforms that specialize exclusively in this field, but we love the detailed information the platform provides in the form of profile pages for each of its experts. 

 That, combined with authorized user reviews, makes it easy to find a counselor that you can trust, as well as one that can help with your specific requirements.