f you’re searching for mental health counseling but would prefer the advice that you receive to be provided from a Christian’s point-of-view, Faithful Counseling offer professional mental health counseling from a Biblical perspective by connecting you with licensed therapists that are also practicing Christians.  

What Does Faith Counseling specialize in?  

Faith Counseling specializes in providing counseling services that incorporate Biblical wisdom with clinical expertise, making its counseling sessions perfect for individuals that belong to the Christian faith. All of the help and advice you receive during your counseling sessions will invite God into your discussions by incorporating spiritual practices into the therapy process. 

All of the counselors on the Faith Counseling website operate to a strict Statement of Faith. It’s by following this Statement of Faith that their counselors believe they’re able to conduct the most successful sessions. 

The counselors at Faithful Counseling are all practicing Christians and are all fully trained, experienced and accredited psychologists (PhD / PsyD), marriage and family therapists (LMFT), clinical social workers (LCSW / LMSW) or licensed professional counselors (LPC). In addition to self identifying as a Christian and having all of their beliefs verified in-line with the website’s Statement of Faith, each counselor holds a Master’s degree or Doctorate degree in their relevant field. 

As Faithful Counseling is part of a larger network of counselors that operate on the Betterhelp platform, the world’s largest online counseling platform, you can, therefore, trust the quality of advice you’ll receive from their counselors. They operate to the highest professional standards that all counselors on the Betterhelp platform must adhere to. The only difference is the advice you’ll receive from Faithful Counseling is offered from a Biblical perspective. 

Similar to Betterhelp, new users will be asked to complete a series of questions as part of their registration process. This will help match you to a professionally licensed and practicing Christian therapist that’ll take the time to fully understand your counseling goals and objectives, enabling them to provide the best possible advice. 

What Can Faith Counseling Help With?  

If you’re looking to improve your quality of life from a Christian’s point-of-view, Faith Counseling counselors can provide the information and advice you need for a happier and healthier life. As well as being able to offer advice from a Biblical perspective, they’re also fully trained to help address a variety of mental health issues including: 

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Relationship Problems
  • Parenting Problems
  • Depression
  • Addictions
  • Eating disorders
  • Insomnia
  • Trauma issues such as PTSD
  • Anger issues
  • Family Conflicts
  • LGBT matters
  • Religious issues
  • Loss of Faith
  • Self-Esteem

Types of Sessions Available 

Messaging Sessions 

Once you’re matched to a Christian counselor you’ll be assigned a dedicated messaging room to communicate with them. It’s important to note that the communications and interactions in this room are not instant. You’ll be encouraged to write about yourself, consider your thoughts and feelings and ask your counselor questions. Once they receive these messages and have the time to respond, they’ll provide you with advice and support in line with the teachings of Christ. 

Instant Chat Sessions 

Instant chat sessions offer a more responsive way of communicating with your counselor but these sessions must be scheduled in advance. Once you’re scheduled a time, you’ll just need to log in to your account to begin your conversation with your counselor. 

Phone Sessions 

Phone sessions provide an opportunity to converse clearly with your counselor but similar to chat sessions, this time must be scheduled in advance to make sure your counselor is available. Once you’ve scheduled a time with them, log in to your counseling room and the system will ask you for the best phone number to reach you on. This will connect you with your counselor to start the phone conversation without ever sharing your contact information.  

Video Sessions 

Video sessions provide you with the same benefits you would get from a face-to-face setting. The only difference is these sessions are conducted virtually. To trigger a video session with your counselor, you’ll need to schedule a time and log in to your room at that time. When your counselor is ready you’ll be asked to begin the video conversation. 

Price plans 

The Christian counseling services that Faith Counseling offers are the same price as other services provided through Betterhelp, ranging from $40 - $70 a week and they’re billed monthly. Unfortunately, there’s no additional information that’s visible on the Faith Counseling website that explores pricing plans in greater detail. 

Starting at $40, these sessions may seem expensive in comparison to other online counseling platforms that operate outside of the Betterhelp network, but the price does mean you get access to a team of highly qualified helpers that have been fully vetted and assessed on the validity of their religious beliefs so you can trust they’ll provide you with the best advice.  


Is Faith Counseling for you?  


If you’re looking for a method of counseling that combines proven practices with the teachings of Christ, Faith Counseling will connect you with certified advisors who can use their Biblical knowledge to instill psychological and spiritual wholeness.