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10 Best Online Therapy Services

Is online therapy safe?

Online therapy isn’t much different from face-to-face therapy other than the fact that sessions take place digitally, so it’s just as safe as regular therapy. However, there are lots of websites offering online therapy and to ensure your safety online, you should always visit reputable websites that offer their sessions with fully certified therapists and counselors. 

All of the online therapy websites that we list have been checked by our experts and are trusted sites with fully certified professionals conducting all of the sessions. 

As online therapy sessions can be conducted in a number of different ways, whether that’s video calls, email conversations or text messages, you can rest assured knowing there are laws that exist to protect your privacy when you speak to your therapist online. 

Be sure to check with your therapist if the platforms you’re using for your sessions are compliant with the relevant data protection laws in your country. In the US, this is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), a law that protects the privacy and security of your information. HIPAA platforms are encrypted, which means in the unlikely event that there ever is a data breach on the platforms you’re using, your data will still be safe even if it’s compromised. 

If you’re ever in doubt about your safety and the protection of your personal information online, be sure to check the therapy website’s privacy statement or ask the therapist how your personal information will be stored. 

Can I be prescribed medication online?

Yes – it’s not unusual for professionals such as counselors, psychiatrists and therapists to prescribe medication online. There are many different things your therapist will have to consider before they prescribe you medication, such as the seriousness of your condition and whether or not medication is the best method of treatment. Medications may be provided alongside other forms of treatment, such as general medical care and advice. 

Before your therapist prescribes you medication, you’ll usually be asked a series of questions to determine which type(s) of medication will treat your health issues best. Medication for mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, as well as behavioral disorders such as ADHD, can be prescribed in a variety of different dosages (strengths) so it’s important for your therapist to understand the seriousness of your issues so they can prescribe the very best medication that will help you. 

Can online therapy help my kid stuck home because of COVID-19 virus?

We understand that the on-going situation and panic surrounding COVID-19, also known as coronavirus, can lead to a worsening of mental health issues in some individuals. If your child is suffering from depression, anxiety or any other mental health related issues that are generally causing a negative impact on their wellbeing, online therapy sessions can provide a positive environment in which fully trained and certified professionals can reassure your child and support them through any difficulties they’re currently experiencing. 

One of the main reasons online therapy is so popular is because of its accessibility. All online therapy sessions can be conducted through video calling software, emails or text messaging services. They’re also cost-effective, which means people who aren’t usually able to access or afford therapy sessions are able to get the help and support they need from trained professionals. 

Just because you aren’t able to leave the house doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to get the help you need when you’re struggling. If your child struggles with mental health issues, online therapy is an effective way of providing support and reassurance through difficult times and research has shown that online therapy can be just as effective as face-to-face therapy when it’s conducted by trained and certified professionals in the correct environment, which is why you can trust us.

Is online therapy covered by insurance?

Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer to this question, as it will depend entirely on the kind of insurance cover you have. Individual health plans may or may not cover online therapy sessions so if you’re in the process of renewing or taking out any new insurance plans, be sure to check with your insurer if the insurance they provide covers therapy sessions. 

Fortunately, the growing popularity of online therapy means that more and more insurers are now offering this as part of their plans. If you’re still struggling to find an insurer that’s willing to cover your online therapy sessions, it’s also worth noting that online therapy is usually much cheaper than face-to-face therapy and provides all of the same benefits. In fact, some people prefer it to face-to-face therapy. 

For those of you who are over 65 and live in the United States, you’ll be relieved to hear that Medicare provides insurance for mental health services that are received through a licensed psychiatrist or other health professionals that accept Medicare assignment. 

What is Online Christian Counseling?

Online Christian Counseling is conducted in the same way as traditional online therapy, but its focus is on faith-based counseling. Online Christian Counseling offers instant access to clinically trained counselors who are able to use their knowledge of the bible and links to Christ. These faith-based counseling sessions can help you overcome a variety of conditions, from mental health issues through to addictions such as gambling and alcoholism. 

Similar to traditional online therapy sessions, your sessions with a Christian counselor will be conducted via video sessions, live chat or phone calls. Your Christian counselor will support you and help you deal with any issues you’re struggling with by using their knowledge of the bible to direct you towards a positive and meaningful life. Online Christian Counseling uses faith healing as a method to address deeply emotional and spiritual wounds. 

There are a variety of different Christian Counseling models but it’s important to know that an online Christian Counsellor won’t judge you or make any assumptions on your personal beliefs or values. You don’t have to be a Christian to receive online Christian counseling, which makes it a great method of therapy for those who are willing to try a more open-minded approach to online therapy. Most importantly, and just like normal online therapy, professional Christian counselors are fully certified with their own relevant training bodies.